About Headway Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland

What we do

Headway the brain injury association was set up as a national organisation in 1979. Since then, groups and branches affiliated with Headway UK have developed across the British Isles.


Headway Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland started in 1990 from humble beginnings with one part-time member of staff. Today we employ 19 full and part-time staff, operate a 5 days a week day service and a city and countywide (including Rutland) outreach service.


We have a board of 14 Trustees with a wealth of skills and knowledge, alongside an army of willing volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Acquired Brain Injury

A brain injury occurring since birth due to a haemorrhage, aneurysm, tumour, infection, AV malformation, stroke.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A brain injury occurring since birth due to assault, fall, road traffic accident, force or trauma to the head.

Who we help

  • Adults - adults between the ages of 18-65 living in Leicestershire and Rutland with an acquired or traumatic brain injury.
  • Families and carers - We can give advice and information from an early stage; often taking referrals whilst individuals are still in hospital. Supporting the familes along the way.
  • Professionals - We can give talks and presentations on the work we do and basic information about brain injury and its effects. We can also offer volunteering opportunities to those studying courses relevant to brain injury, eg physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology and speech and language therapy.
  • Awareness raising - We are always happy to give talks and presentations to interested groups which can include community/social groups, schools and colleges, youth groups, etc.
  • Funding - We receive approximately 66% of our funding from City and County social care departments and Primary Care Trusts. The remaining 34% is raised through grants, gifts and donations.