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Take a look at some of the stories from people who we support at Headway Leicester.

One of the best ways to deal with the stress of a brain injury is to get your story heard, or to read the perspectives of thousands of others who are going through the same challenges as you – whether you’re a survivor, a carer, friends and family, or if you just simply wish to learn more about Brain Injury from those who experience it first hand. 



Explore their inspirational stories below. If you would like your to share your story then please get in touch with us!

Steve’s Story

Steve suffered a severe stroke in November 2012 when he was just 56 years old, affecting mobility on his right side. He suffers with Aphasia and Dyspraxia which means he is unable to communicate verbally and his ability to spell, write and understand some commands has also been dramatically reduced.

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Jame’s Story

James celebrated four years sober in July, after he sustained an acquired brain injury back in 2016. He attends Headway twice a week and is also one of Headway Leicester’s Trustees.

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Joe headway leicester

Joe Sandford

Joe Sandford was a 21-year-old living life to the full. He was an outgoing lad, with a good social life, a girlfriend and a passion for rugby. But a dream trip 11,000 miles across the globe turned into a nightmare when he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car crash.

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Mark’s Story

My name is Mark. I live in the Sleaford area of Lincoln. Eight years last October I was hit by a car in Peterborough whilst walking to work.

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